Safety is the primary component of every successful rope access procedure. RAC offers a variety of industrial safety and rescue services with particular expertise in monitoring and entering confined spaces. Our rope technicians can solve a variety of operational issues quickly and efficiently.

With experienced full-time safety qualified rescue technicians we provide a variety of personnel for meeting the needs and scope of your operation. With wide-ranging experience in hazard recognition and control, allow RAC to assist your facility in protecting its employees and maintaining smooth operating procedures.


RAC safety standards ensure the highest quality rescue services and management of high angle or vertical service access and maintenance. We can ensure the safety of your at height workers and provide fall restraint and tool management systems.

Confined Space

Confined space entry is regularly required in a variety of construction and industrial work sites. A confined space could be a chamber, vessel, tank, silo, pit or other large space enclosed either partially or entirely. These spaces present foreseeable risks of serious injury due to the potentials of gas or vapor exposure, increased temperatures, risk of fire or explosion, high liquid levels or risk of asphyxiation. A confined space has limited access points, is not intended for continuous occupancy and has the potential for developing a hazardous atmosphere. Working in confined spaces and contained atmospheres requires specialized training. Rescuing someone injured or trapped in a confined space is particularly dangerous and requires the skills of a highly experienced professional.