Rope Access technicians are routinely needed to build, work on or repair difficult to reach areas of towers, dams, bridges, vessels, arenas, skyscrapers and other large on and offshore structures.

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Weather proofing the exteriors of residential, commercial and industrial structures is no small task. Rope suspended building envelope inspectors offer the advantage of being able to closely examine the seams and exteriors of large buildings to provide effective and proactive reviews of failures in a structures moisture barrier and membranes.

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Rope access allows for hands-on inspection of all structural elements on bridges, dams, towers, arenas and other large infrastructure or facilities. When combined with rope access, Engineers can offer detailed, intensive inspections of vital structures and facilities while reducing the need for road closures, temporary support structures or other expensive interruptions of service.

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There are a variety of electrical jobs regularly required at height or in hard to reach areas. Electrical Heat Transfer maintenance and installation is regularly used in the oil and gas industry and can often be necessary for difficult access pipelines and tanks. Splicing, cable installation and removal is also common on all types of large or angled structures.

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Rope access pipefitters install piping systems and repair burst or broken pipes in difficult to reach locations. They are regularly required in large buildings and on industrial sites. Rope access pipefitters are in particular demand for work on large diameter pipelines used by the oil and gas industry as well as on large high-use urban buildings, such as hospitals.

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NDE is routinely used by many industries for ensuring the integrity of welds, corrosion, system components and surface composition. A variety of non-destructive examination methods are used by certified Rope Access Examiners working on large structures, vessels, pipelines or in tanks. Some examples of NDE include Ultrasonic testing, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Positive Material Identification, Phased Array testing, Radiographic testing and visual examinations.

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Industrial coatings are used for protecting and weather proofing steel and other materials on the exterior or interior of buildings and structures. Rope access technicians apply industrial coatings to pipelines, large vertical posts, facades and other difficult to reach surfaces. Sandblasting and NACE inspections are complimentary tasks often combined with Rope Access in the coating process.

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Rope access is an essential component of rescue and access systems for confined spaces. Rope access trained workers may be use to supervise and monitor conditions for uncertified personnel needed on-site in a confined space, to provide standby rescue services or to enter the confined space themselves to execute maintenance or examination tasks.

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Gas fitters and steamfitters are some of the most skilled trades people around, using a variety of skills in combination -such as welding, brazing, cementing and threading – to build, maintain and repair large vessels and high-heat piping systems. With rope access, steamfitters can reach every component of extreme pressure and ventilation systems, such as large cylinders.

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Rope access plumbers regularly work on the external pipes and gutters of buildings. They monitor and manage piping systems used for liquids and gases. They also work on stack vents and heating and cooling units on roofs, building sides and in other awkward locations. HVAC journeymen are also in demand.

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Rope access welders work with a variety of metal types to install, repair and even fabricate metal structures and industrial systems. They might work on power stations, pipelines, towers or large urban buildings. Rope access welders are also in particular demand for working in confined spaces like the interiors of large boilers and pipelines. Ironworkers and sheet metal workers are also in demand.

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Rope access managers supervise other rope access workers and safety protocol on rope access job sites. They ensure all procedures are carried out according to industry standards and generally direct the workflow. Rope access managers are essential for planning access strategies and rigging points.

The entertainment industry is also moving towards Rope access training as more rigorous level of training for their crews at height.

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Rope access workers can be used in combination with heavy lifting or rigging systems offered by cranes and helicopters to guide materials without structurally impeding the workflow. Some rope suspension and netting systems can also be used in replacement of large lifting devices and scaffold systems.

The entertainment industry is also moving towards Rope access training as more rigorous level of training for their crews at height.

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Insulation installation and maintenance is a substantial component of cold weather construction and industrial processes. Construction sites, extraction sites, pipelines and refineries require a variety of insulation services made more expedient and efficient with rope access techniques.

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Valves are an important regulating component of the proper functioning of large asset industrial facilities and commercial or institutional buildings. Rope access valves servicemen inspect, clean and repair industrial valves for flow controls, large boilers, pipelines and other systems.

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Mechanical work includes a variety of skilled trade’s workers such as pipefitters, steamfitters, plumbers, welders and industrial valves servicemen.

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