Who Should Take This Course: Ideal for Rope Access experienced workers looking to advance their rigging, rescue and technical skills in international settings.

Qualifications: Minimum 1 year and 1,000 hours logged as IRATA Rope Access Level I

Equipment: specialist equipment and training materials are supplied

Course Length: 40 hours / 5 days

The IRATA level II course develops and advances all of the basic rope access skills covered in Level I. In addition to all techniques reviewed in level I, more advanced safety, rescue and systems analysis skills are covered in-depth. This includes furthering knowledge of all relevant legislation and quality assurance procedures. The level II certification is a stepping stone towards achieving a full IRATA Level III Rope Access Supervisor certification.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Assess the safety of all rope access systems and equipment
  • Preform all basic and advanced rope access maneuvers and techniques
  • Self and team-rescue, with special usage and understanding of a variety of hauling and lowering skills
  • Effectively lead aid climbing, deviation, rebelay and rope transfers
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of systems analysis, including fall factors, impact forces and resultant forces

Additional technical skills and safety methods will be studied and mastered. In addition to all IRATA level I technical methods, you will be proficient in multi-point anchoring, structural and load distribution by the end of the course. You will be advanced at horizontal and vertical aid climbing.

Course Structure

The course is mainly hands-on with primary emphasis on building candidate confidence and competence in all Rope Access techniques. IRATA Assessors review all students on the final day of the course for proficient demonstration of both practical and written knowledge. If the assessment is passed, candidates receive a new certificate and ID card. Certifications must be renewed every three years.

About RAC Instruction

RAC are one of the first within Canada with rope access techniques. Our instructors offer learning from their in-depth experiences to provide additional skills and knowledge over and above the required syllabus. Our fully equipped and technically sophisticated facilities are some of the largest in North America.