Qualifications: Basic First Aid Certificate, minimum 1 year and 1,000 hours logged as Level II (minimum 2,000 hours logged in total)

Equipment: specialist equipment and training materials are supplied

Course Length: 40 hours / 5 days

Who Should Take This Course: Ideal for rope access certified technicians looking to act in a supervisory and safety management role on a wide range of industrial rope access work sites and situations in international settings.

The success and safety of any rope access operation is based on adequate supervision. IRATA level III certification provides advanced training in theoretical concepts, safety legislation, systems analysis, equipment inspection, risk assessment and site management. Once certified, Level III Safety Supervisors are responsible for the safety and supervision of a team of workers.

You will learn how to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in all Level I and II techniques
  • Provide site supervisory capabilities for rope access work projects
  • Discuss and apply relevant legislation and work techniques
  • Manage rope access teams and responsibilities
  • Utilize in-depth knowledge of advanced rescue techniques
  • Demonstrate suitable emergency first aide training and skills
  • Understand IRATA certification, training and assessment
  • Working knowledge of the IRATA Industrial Code of Practice (ICOP) and training and certification sceheme (TACs)

An in-depth coverage of practical skills are covered including all technical and complex access and rigging skills, fall protection methods, complex rescues, lead climbing methods and pulley system application.

Course Structure

Instruction includes both practical and classroom components. The course is primarily focused on the practice and refinement of advanced rescue techniques, complex rigging and team management. The main goal is to develop candidate skill and confidence in providing effective rescues under any possible circumstances.
Testing is comprehensive, involving an effective completion of the following:

  • Practical assessment
  • Written exam concentrated on theoretical knowledge
  • Risk Assessment / Job Safety Analysis
  • Method Statement / Work Plan
  • Equipment inspection report

About RAC Instruction

RAC are one of the first within Canada with rope access techniques. Our instructors offer learning from their in-depth experiences to provide additional skills and knowledge over and above the required syllabus. Our fully equipped and technically sophisticated facilities are some of the largest in North America.