Qualifications: Physically fit, comfortable with heights

Equipment: specialist equipment and training materials are supplied

Course Length: 5 days

Who Should Take This Course: Ideal for anyone who would like to work at heights in North America using rope access, or wind farms round the world.

Level I Rope Access Workers are capable of executing basic rope access job tasks under the supervision of a Level III Rope Access Supervisor. General rescue skills and the usage of rigging setups will be covered in detail. This includes equipment such as Load-Sharing Anchors and Shock-absorbing lanyards. You will learn all of the fundamental techniques for working on ropes in a team setting.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Perform rope transfers
  • Negotiate edges, deviations and rebelays
  • Inspect equipment for proper functioning
  • Setup basic rigging and assist in more advanced rigging under the guidance of a supervisor
  • Preform basic rescue using solo descent

Course Structure

The course occurs over a four-day period with the fifth day devoted to evaluations. Equipment use and inspection are vital components of this training. Level I knots, an introduction to Risk Analysis and backup-device usage are also covered.

About RAC Instruction

RAC are one of the first within Canada with rope access techniques. Our instructors offer learning from their in-depth experiences to provide additional skills and knowledge over and above the required syllabus. Our fully equipped and technically sophisticated facilities are some of the largest in North America.