Employment in canada


R.A.C Group offers competitive wages, challening projects and a great culture to work in the Canadian rope access industry.

Obtaining a certification in Canada is not a complicated task if you are phisically fit and motivated. It is a financial investment and is important to come prepared with other skills from industry, this will ensure that you have the ability to perform the work and not just climb a rope. On a daily basis, We receive resumes from technicians applying for openings with only a rope access ticket in their hands. Rope access is a very attractive and fun trade that is highly involved in heavy construction, NDT inspections, mainteneance work and many more applications, which require a spectrum of knowledge and trades.

R.A.C has employed over 96 technicians and is one of the largest rope access employer's in Canada. We highly recommend and encourage you to contact us before you invest in a training session. We are committed to ensuring that you obtain the best direction and advise in making yourself successful and attractive for future employment in rope access and can assist you with all questions and queries you may have.